Private Membership Education Associations of America
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Private Membership Associations

Private Membership Associations are constitutionally created under:

The First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution... and ...

Section Two of the 1982 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Fortunately, most of these freedoms still exist under the Constitution.


these freedoms in the USA and Canada have gradually been publicly usurped by big government -- big government under the control of large amoral corporations with a primary mission of greed and profits.

The Law of Freedom states:
The bigger government gets,
the less freedom we all have...

Big government is heavily influenced by -- some government officials admit even controlled by -- large corporations including the pharmaceutical companies, the genetically modified foods industry, large chemical companies, giant corporations, corporate hospitals, insurance and international banking interests.

You can't win by fighting them. They can outspend you by millions of dollars for each dollar you spend. In the end, you're bankrupt and they have billions left in petty cash.

That much money can buy just about anything -- government agencies, judges, license boards, politicians -- and the rumor is, it happens all the time. You can't win by fighting them.

If you want to survive, you can either join them -- if they let you -- or find a better way. Some reportedly better ways are to take your money offshore, move to a safer country, move to the street, a monastery, convent, ashram, spiritual retreat or nunnery.

There are drawbacks to doing these, but more people are making these kinds of decisions in America today than at any time in our history.

Most experts agree the best protection appears to stay where you are and "go Constitutional."

Why go Constitutional?

The one thing big money is having a hard time buying is the Constitution. True, big money is making inroads into undermining the Constitution. Thanks to their greedy efforts, all of the rest of us have lost some freedom.

But the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution and the Second Section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms remain our safest haven to this day.

One better way is to "go under the Constitution."

What Are My Constitutional Rights?

Find Out if a Private Membership Association...

Most people don't know that private membership associations are the best way to "go under the Constitution." It pays to find out if a Private Membership Association:

1. Will Work for YOU

2. Is the Right Thing for YOU to do

3. Will Generate More Income for YOU

4. Will lower YOUR Tax Burden

We've collected a lot of resource materials for you to learn how to use a private membership association to protect you, your family, pets and dependents. These same materials can help you teach your clients how they can join you and protect themselves, their families, pets and dependents.

The best protection we have against big government and the big corporations that control big government is to "go Constitutional."

Here are Those Resources